FULL MOON Festival 2024

Day Date
Monday 27th November
Wednesday 27th December
Sunday 31st December New Year Party
Friday 26th January
Saturday 24th February
Monday 25th March
Wednesday 24th April
Tuesday 23rd May
Saturday 22nd June
Sunday 21st July
Tuesday 20th August
Wednesday 18th September
Tuesday 17th October
Saturday 16th November
Sunday 15th December
Tuesday 31st December New Year Party

HALF MOON Festival 2024

Day Date
Thursday 18th January
Friday 2nd February
Saturday 17th February
Sunday 3rd March
Sunday 17th March
Tuesday 2nd April
Tuesday 16th April
Friday 12th July
Tuesday 30th July
Friday 9th August
Tuesday 27th August
Tuesday 10th September
Thursday 26th September
Thursday 10th October
Sunday 8th December
Monday 23rd December

Dates can sometimes change if it clashes with a Buddhist holiday. It is advisable to check a monthly date if you are coming to a Full Moon Party.


Like all tropical Islands, Koh Phangan is not only a fantastic place to participate in a variety of water sports including, scuba diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking, wake boarding and kite surfing but it has many land based activities such as the famous Full Moon Party, Elephant trekking. Archery, Trekking, Thai cooking lessons & Temple visits.

If you want to take part in any of the island activities we will provide you with full details and a costing for any activity you select.

Prior or during your visit to the hotel you might wish to undertake several activities around the island listed below. Quotations with transport also are available on request at the hotel reception or by e-mail at david.ldcstyle2019@gmail.com.

“Some time ago a group of tourists found that the most beautiful moon was on Koh Phangan. They arranged a party on the crescent shaped beach of Haad Rin to celebrate the Full Moon night. From then on, people from all over the world come to join in the celebration. Now there are around 10,000-30,000  people at each party. The party begins at dusk. There are all kinds of entertainment from diverse music, dancing, jugglers, fire eaters and all types of bars and restaurants. There are no barriers, no inhibitions just people enjoying themselves”. Not to be missed. The hotel provides its own car service to and from the party at a cost of 400 baht per person round trip.

The event has huge investment and is professionally executed, giving attention to every detail great or small. The location of the event is covered with UV decorations in a natural jungle park with deco and massive visual projections. All this and much more immediately inserts the visitor into a world he or she will never forget. With 2 stages for the different music it presents an extraordinary selection of electronic music while presenting a wide range of cutting edge music as well. The hotel provides its own car service to and from the party at a cost of 400 baht per person round trip.

It is possible for the hotel to arrange a day trip by boat to Koh Samui or Koh Tao.  Koh Samui is the largest of the three islands and is great for shopping, restaurants and night life . Koh Tao is a paradise for diving and is a mystical island like Koh Phangan with lovely beaches, restaurants and bars. Also, Koh Tao  joins the teeny island of Koh Nang Yuan which is actually made up of three little teardrops of land connected by a massive sandbar. It’s a place with blindingly white sand beaches, and shores teeming with fish and coral.  Not to be missed.

The center is situated just outside Baan Thai. You can enjoy 30 – 60 minutes of elephant trekking in the mountainous jungles of the Island. Bookings can be made at reception.

It is easy to try out this famous sport with equipment and instruction “available”. All levels welcome from beginner to professional. This is situated just outside Chalokalum Village.

This is the first shooting range in Koh Phangan situated at Haad Rin. It is fully equipped with a variety of firearms and bullet sizes to suit all your Hollywood desires, whether it is pistols or revolvers, rifles or shotguns. All the staff are fully equipped with safety and equipment knowledge, where you can rest assure that you are in the safest and most professional hands.

Koh Phangan has many dive operators offering Padi dive courses in many languages including, German, Swedish, Italian and more with a number of these right here in Chaloklum Village. Koh Phangan has easy access to all of the prime and varied dive sites in the area. Diving clients seem to like “Chaloklum Diving”

The Wake Up Center undertakes all these water sports and is situated in Chaloklum. The best known of these sports is water skiing where you can learn to go mono if you are comfortable on two skis.

Kite boarding is one of the most thrilling sports ever invented. The Wake up will help you learn the way you want to do it by respecting your progression.
Besides the above Wake Up offers fun windsurfing lessons for beginners and boards are available for the more experienced.

Also, available is Wake boarding which is a cross between snowboarding and water skiing.
Wake up has a good security track record and the owner runs all these exercises –not to be missed if you want adventure.

Most beaches on the island have Kyaks for hire or available through Phangan Adventure in Chaloklum.

There is a sailing school in Chaloklum that teaches children the opportunity to learn and go sailing. Sailing for the more experienced is available for a donation to the school who is a non-profit organization.The school is run by a retired Englishman who has been sailing all his life.

Many parts of Koh Phangan are still untouched, which makes it perfect for trekking. It is wise to hire a guide to enjoy this activity to its fullest. Most trekking routes are along the Eastern coastline that link up peaceful coves and beaches. There are also some fun treks around the tallest Mountain Khao Ra and Phaeng Waterfall national park.

This is the ultimate martial art in which nearly everything goes! The use of punches, elbows, kicks and knees are all allowed. This Martial art is still evolving, although over 700 years old. There are a number of stadiums on the island so you should be able to catch a fight night while you are on Koh Phagan. If you would like to learn the noble art there are a number of good schools with English Speaking Tuition and some very good facilities.

Located on the road from Chalokalum Village to Thong Sala this temple was created 15 years ago because of a dream of one woman. Today the temple is considered a place of luck.

Try this new activity and explore some of the off road trails available.

This is the best souvenir you can bring home? Family and friends will love you even more when you give them an amazing Thai massage or prepare a delicious Phad Thai. The Center enjoys sharing their culture with you through a variety of classes and events. On your visit you will discover the magic of Thai Massage, Yoga and Thai Cooking. You can eat your own cooked meal. This is an experience not to be missed.

Learn how to create your very own, one of a kind silver Jewelry at the “Workshop Silver” situated in Thong Sala. The workshop Silver provides an excellent easy learning environment where anyone can discover their creative side. 1,2 & 3 day courses are available.

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Here you can zipline through the trees or rock climb or take leisurely climb to the tree houses, or to a natural swimming pool, swings and a chill bar.

Phangan Wipeout is the legendary obstacle course on water. Why not go and test your skills and see how quickly you can complete the tricky and exhilarating Challenge course. The course comprises of rope swings, stepping stones, monkey bars, rolling barrels, climbing a mountain, slide and the infamous big red balls. Beat the clock and earn yourself a place on the Phangan Wipeout leaderboard.

There are many beautiful beaches and places of interest that you should visit while on the Island. Maybe you can rent a motorbike or car and explore the island at you pace and leisure.

All activities listed above can be arranged at reception on request and by appointment. “Prices on request.”